Platform Committee




            We Republicans take our stand on first principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.   We believe in God, who created us all, and who endowed us with the rights to life, liberty, and the right to seek prosperity, which Jefferson called “the pursuit of happiness.”

            By dividing Americans into aggrieved classes, and promising taxpayer-funded benefits to each aggrieved class that votes for them, the Democrat Party threatens our liberty.  This Platform proposes ways to reverse these errors.


Section One:  Right to Life

1.01   We believe human life is sacrosanct from conception to natural death. 

1.02   We oppose abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide.

1.03   No health-care provider should be penalized for declining to participate in the procurement of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide.

1.04   We encourage aid to mothers during pregnancy, and efforts to encourage adoption following unplanned pregnancies. 

1.05   We commend the Iowa Legislature and Governor for defunding Planned Parenthood in Iowa. Our tax dollars should never pay for abortion.

1.06   We support legislation requiring consent by a parent and/or legal guardian before a minor child has a termination of pregnancy.  

1.07   We support the reversal of Roe v. Wade.


Section Two:  Agriculture 

2.01   We support the concept of reduced government in agriculture. 

2.02   We support the humane care and treatment of animals.  We oppose laws or regulations elevating the well-being of animals to a similar status as the rights of people.

2.03   We support farmers and livestock producers.


Section Three:  Business & Economic Development

3.01   We believe, as President Calvin Coolidge said, that “the chief business of America is business.”

3.02   We believe the freedom to create drives economic growth and prosperity in America.


Section Four:  Education

4.01   The purpose of education is to endow individuals with skills and knowledge to enable them to maximize their success as employees, employers, spouses, parents, citizens, and community members.

4.02   We call for more local control of government schools, with focus on results, efficiency, and parental involvement. Parents must oversee the educational process—including school curricula, discipline, grading systems, scheduling, and financing.  

4.03   We encourage the State of Iowa to allow freedom to home school.  

4.04    No parent should be forced to send children to a failing government school.

4.05   Conservative students should not be adversely affected by their teachers for expressing conservative sentiments; nor should conservative students be ostracized on college campuses for thinking for themselves.

4.06   We support vocational and agricultural education.

4.07   Educators should not peddle unscientific beliefs concerning race, gender, or identity to advance a political ideology.

4.08   We call for the emphasis in education on reading, writing, mathematics, non-revisionist United States history, objective science, as well as the value of hard work and individual responsibility.



Section Five:  Energy & Transportation 

5.01   We support responsible environmental policy that recognizes the importance of existing fuels as well as alternative sources for both developed and developing countries that does not put the U.S. nor its jobs, citizens, and businesses at an economic disadvantage.  We support development and production priority to domestic over foreign energy production.

5.02   We believe in free enterprise; therefore, research and development of ethanol, biodiesel, wind, clean coal, oil shale, and other forms of alternative energy research and affiliated costs should be borne by the private sector.

5.03   We oppose the use of the Environmental Protection Agency or any other regulatory body to dictate the type of energy that will be produced and used. 

5.04   We hold that our energy and/or transportation problems can be solved more quickly and cheaply by allowing the free market to function unhindered.

5.05   The free market should decide the appropriate water and power usage of householder appliances.


Section Six:  Family Values  

6.01   We believe that families based on traditional, two-parent marriage (one male and one female) are foundational to a stable, enduring, and healthy civilization.  Therefore, public policy must always be pro-family, encouraging marital and family commitment, and supporting parental rights and responsibilities.

6.02   We favor improvement, strengthening, and simplification of adoption laws.

6.03   We believe both parents should be held accountable for payment of child support.

6.04   We believe the father and mother of a child, born or unborn, have co-equal rights and responsibilities in all matters regarding the child, except in the case of conviction for rape, incest, or chronic domestic violence.

6.05   We believe parents have the right to know what books, media, activities, and medical procedures are used by their minor or dependent children

6.06   Private organizations can more efficiently provide for those who are in need. The federal and state governments should partner with not-for-profit organizations, including faith-based organizations.

6.07   We urge the protection of parental rights.


Section Seven:  Government

7.01   We believe in following the U.S. Constitution as written.

7.02   We call for reduction in local, state, and federal expenditures.

7.03   The right to keep and bear arms is an individual right.

7.04   The right of the people to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures extends to the time and manner of searches. 

7.05   We call for a state constitutional amendment authorizing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms, open or concealed, without a permit. 

7.06   We support a nationwide Right-to-Carry Law. We call on all states to recognize their sister-states’ “Right-to-Carry” permits.

7.07   We believe schools and colleges should not restrict possession of firearms by those legally possessing a concealed carry permit.

7.08   We oppose federal or state government taking private property from the owner for the benefit of another private party

7.9      We demand that the U. S. House of Representatives and the Iowa House of Representatives exercise their constitutional responsibilities and duties to impeach activist judges who legislate from the bench. 

7.11   We commend the passage by the Iowa legislature of the “Stand Your Ground” law.

7.12   We oppose coerced consolidation of Iowa Counties; we do support voluntary sharing of services between counties.

7.13   We call on Government to evaluate systematically the societal benefit and costs of recycling each class of discarded product.

7.14   We urge the state legislature to require the licensing and bonding of housing inspectors.

7.15   Johnson County citizens cannot identify which of five supervisors elected at large is responsible for the management of a local issue. We demand that the state legislature require all county supervisors be elected from districts.

7.16   We support legislation affirming the authority of our Chief Law Enforcement Officers (County Sheriffs & Police Chiefs) to require all non-Iowa Law Enforcement Officers or Agents attempting an arrest, search, or seizure to obtain prior approval.

7.17   Public radio must demonstrate that it broadcasts 50% conservative opinions prior to the receipt of any tax dollars.

7.18   We call for term limits.


Section Eight:  Voting

8.01   We believe that only US Citizens bearing proper photo ID should be allowed to vote, and that proof of citizenship should be required for absentee voting.  We oppose same-day voter registration.

8.02   We believe that only ballots with an established chain of custody shall be counted. Drop boxes and ballot harvesting shall not be allowed.

8.03   We believe that there should be transparency and accountability for all elections. This includes the use of verified voter ID, paper ballots with a watermark, full paper audit trails and forensic audits, open-source software, verified voter ID along with signature verifications and thumb prints for absentee ballots requests and return envelopes, and prohibition of voting systems whose hardware allows a wireless or wired connection to the internet.

8.04   We call on the IRS, SSA USPO and all other government agencies to notify the county auditor when they receive a change of address request or a report of the death of a voter.


Section Nine Health & Human Services

9.01   We object to abortion funding being included in health-care legislation.

9.02   We favor first-dollar tax deductibility for health insurance premiums.  We also favor Health Savings Accounts.

9.03   We support insurance portability, coverage of pre-existing conditions and access to interstate insurance plans.  We support re-evaluation of Medicare reimbursement rates.

9.04   We urge that the Medicare law be changed from covering “reasonable and necessary” to “cost-effective” care.

9.05   We believe the right of an individual or parent to decline any medical treatment including vaccinations for themselves or their children as an inalienable right. Medical decisions should remain private between the individual and any healthcare provider.

9.06   Health insurers and third-party providers should not delay “prior approval” of healthcare. Prior approval should be completed in the same duration of time it takes providers to prescribe care, in not more than twenty minutes.

9.07   Some drugs prices are unconscionably high. We call on the state legislature to enable a recipient of an unconscionably priced drug to sue the manufacturer and supplier to recover all the ill-gotten gains within in the state, of which 30% will be paid to the plaintiff, the remainder to purchasers of the drug.

9.08   The text on the label of pill bottles should be in a font no smaller than Ariel 12 point.



Section Ten:  Homeland Security & Immigration

10.01 We believe terrorism is a national security issue and non-state combatants should be treated as if they were prisoners-of-war.

10.02 We call for increased resources for human-intelligence capabilities.

10.03 We support the continued use of Guantanamo Prison.

10.04 The federal government must secure the United States’ borders at all points of entry. 

10.05 We call for the establishment of a more efficient procedure for issuing work visas and permanent residency.

10.06 We oppose the granting of amnesty to illegal aliens and the designation of “sanctuary cities” or states. Any attempt to circumvent these provisions must be met by a cut of all federal funding to any violating city or state.



Section Eleven:  Law & Justice

11.01 Laws should have general application without exceptions for race, religion and other markers of “identity”.  All American citizens should be treated equally as called for by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

11.02  Enhancement of punishment for criminal acts for the actor’s subjective animus toward a victim’s race, religion, sexuality and so forth should be eliminated.

11.03 We believe individuals, including juveniles, should be required to make restitution for their crimes.

11.04 We believe that faith-based organizations should not be discriminated against for assisting prisoners in improving their lives and adjusting to society.

11.05 The Ten Commandments should be permitted to be displayed in all courthouses.


Section Twelve:  National Defense & Foreign Policy

12.01 We believe in a strong national defense.

12.02 We call for the continued development of weapons that would give our troops an advantage in battle.

12.03 We support free trade.

12.04 While military funding should be provided at adequate levels, it must be managed for affordability through cost savings, strategic scheduling of new weapons procurement until fully ready for implementation, and a careful review of procurements to ensure they fulfill actual mission needs.

12.05 We support stronger cyber-security measures by all branches of government.

12.06 We call for the avoidance of “endless wars” not clearly in the strategic interest of the United States

12.07 The UN Charter is a public international law and requires states to respect the territorial integrity and independence of other states. Therefore, if Russia invades Ukraine, it commits a war crime and will make Putin a war criminal just like the Nazi leadership after the Nuremberg trials. If Russia invades Ukraine, Russia must be cut off from the world economy by all other civilized nations.


Section Thirteen:  Natural Resources, Agriculture & the Environment

13.01  We support environmental policies where humans are ascendant over animals, insects, and other creatures. Scare attacks, based on unscientific evidence, do little to further the dialog.

13.02  We support Iowa laws to ensure clean air, clean water, and sensible management of wastes.

13.03 We believe landowners should have the right to control populations of feral animals on their properties.

13.04 We support new methods of oil production, including slant drilling and fracking.

13.05 We support continued research for the protection of pollinator species.  Many types of food production have a shared responsibility for best practices.     


Section Fourteen:  Religious Freedom

14.01 The First Amendment prohibits the establishment of a state religion and reinforces the right to free exercise of religion.  Neither the courts nor government agencies should misuse the First Amendment to inhibit lawful and voluntary expression of religious belief.  We advocate freedom of public prayer and non-violent religious expression for all.

14.02 We assert that the public display of the Ten Commandments, nativity scenes, and other displays that honor the philosophical basis for our cherished liberties, religious tolerance, and efforts to help the poor and oppressed around the world, are not “an establishment of religion,” do not compel or coerce others, and should be protected by the First Amendment. 


Section Fifteen:  Taxes & Spending

15.01  We believe that lowering tax rates for individuals and businesses grow our economy and increase prosperity for all.

15.02 We support continuous improvements in our tax systems.

15.03 We believe in fiscal responsibility accomplished through reductions in spending.

15.04 The Constitution requires expenditures of all public money shall be published “from time to time.” We call on Congress to require that every Federal, State, and local appropriations bill be associated with a web page that lists in real time every expenditure of funds.


Section Sixteen:  Republican Party

16.01 We support keeping Iowa’s “First in the Nation” caucus.

16.02  We insist that the Republican Party and its candidates practice honesty and integrity in all political advertising.  We expect political campaigns to be conducted in a positive and truthful manner.

16.03 We reaffirm that the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Iowa and its officers, and outside organizations which they lead should remain neutral in all contested primaries.

16.04 No territory of the United States which does not have representative in the Electoral College (such as Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa) should get voting delegates to the Republican National Convention.


Presented to the Johnson County, Iowa Republican Platform Committee, March 12, 2022


Adopted by the Johnson County Republican Convention, March xx 2022


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