Iowa Legislature Passes HF 802, First in Nation to Ban "Divisive Concepts"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Iowa legislature first in nation to ban the indoctrination of the divisive concepts of critical race theory from all Iowan schools and all government entities.  Like many ordinary Iowans, we have tried without much success to find a system in our University or in our state that is racist or sexist. We are therefore delighted that the Iowa Legislature has passed a bill banning the indoctrination of “critical race theory” in all Iowan schools, legislation that we pushed hard for following the recent events of the University of Iowa College of Dentistry.   Critical race theory uses racial profiling to allege that all whites are oppressors and all blacks are oppressed. Critical race theory is explicitly designed to shift power to political agitators, and it has no educational value. Supporters of the bill believe its emphasis on the color of skin over the content of character tends to perpetuate rather than diminish the racial divide.  “Our opinions about critical race theory are quite ordinary, and they are held by a large majority of Iowans,” the spokesman said. “We are especially grateful to Senator Amy Sinclair and Representative Steven Holt for their leadership, and for the bipartisan support demonstrated by the Iowa Legislature.”  We look forward to Governor Kim Reynolds speedily signing the bill so that Iowa will be the first state in the nation to ban this indoctrination.