The Johnson County Republican Central Committee Constitution and Bylaws


Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be "The Johnson County Republican Central Committee." (Hereinafter referred to as Central Committee or JCRCC)


Article II – Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to coordinate under one organization the activities of the Repub1ican Party of Johnson County and to strengthen in every way fundamental Republican princip1es, to cooperate and assist in the conduct of national, state, and local political campaigns, and to discharge such duties as are required by law.


Article III – Membership

  1. The membership of the Central Committee shall be composed of: (1) the duly elected men and women from the precincts in Johnson County and its duly elected Officers chosen from the membership, (2) such precinct men and women as have been elected by the Central Committee upon recommendation of the County Chairman.


  1. Membership of the Central Committee shall be elected at precinct caucuses, in accordance with Iowa State Code, and in ratio to the number of votes recorded in each precinct for the most recent Republican Presidential or Gubernatorial Candidate (as appropriate), as follows:


1. 0-400



2. 401-600



3. 601-800



4. 801 or more




  1. The term of office of each member of the Central Committee shall begin immediately following the precinct caucus and shall continue until the next precinct Members are entitled to full participation in the proceedings of the Central Committee, that is, the right to attend meetings, to make motions, to speak in debate, and to vote. Member rights may be suspended or revoked for cause by the Central Committee.


  1. Suspension or Revocation of a Member's Rights:


  1. Membership shall be revoked if a member is convicted of a
  2. Membership shall be revoked if a member submits a letter of resignation, and the Chairman or a designee of the Chairman accepts the
  3. Membership shall be revoked if a member is no longer registered to vote in Johnson County,
  4. Revocation is automatic in case of the death of a
  5. Membership shall be suspended if a member moves to a different precinct within the County, and may be reinstated upon action of the Chairman and the Central Committee.
  6. Membership shall be suspended with a warning if a member fails to participate in the activities of the Central Attending meetings, working


in committees, contributing time and money are all good forms of participation. Continued lack of participation may lead to revocation of membership.

  1. Membership may be suspended if a member displays active support for an opponent of a Republican Facts gathered in each case will be the basis for action by JCRCC. Repeated instances of this behavior may lead to revocation of membership upon majority vote of the Central Committee.


  1. Vacancies in the Central Committee shall be filled by nomination of the Chairman and confirmed by a majority vote of the Central


  1. Members of the Central Committee, elected at the precinct caucus, or properly appointed by the County Chairman and confirmed by the Central Committee, shall organize following each general election, but no later than the following April


  1. Precinct men and women shall (1) serve as temporary Chairmen and Secretaries from their respective precincts for the caucuses; (2) assist in carrying out programs and activities of the Central Committee; (3) organize volunteers within their precincts; (4) contact and organize voters for get-out-the-vote


  1. Financial control resides in the Central Committee, which decides how and when money is spent. The officers and members of JCRCC share a fiduciary obligation for prudent management of committee Spending decisions are reached in normal order of business, with motions that cover 1) individual expenditures, or 2) spending authorities for defined activities. All expenditures of the JCRCC shall be based on motions that describe amount and duration of spending. Discussion of any motion should take into consideration constraints on available funds and on the Budget of the JCRCC. Committee Chairman should include financial requirements in their overall planning, and bring motions to JCRCC to cover those requirements.


Article IV – Election of Officers

  1. The Committee shall elect either from its membership (except in the possible case of the Treasurer), a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and other officers as it may determine. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be empowered to name such other officers as is deemed necessary to carry out the aims and purposes of the organization subject to approval of the Central Each member of the Central Committee shall be given written notice at least ten days in advance of the time and place of any meeting scheduled for the election of officers. The term of office of an officer begins upon his or her election and continues until the organizational meeting two years later and until the officer's successor is elected, unless the officer dies, resigns, or is sooner removed for due cause. The Chairman may only be removed by action of the Republican State Central Committee.


  1. The Candidate Recruitment/Support Committee Chairman (see B. 5) will be charged with the responsibility of providing at least one nominee for each of the offices. Nominations from the floor at the time of the election will also be allowed. The election of the Chairman will be conducted in a separate vote by secret ballot, with a simple majority determining the winner. If there is no majority vote, the top two candidates will be identified and there will be a second ballot. Election of the Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer will follow separately in the same manner as the Chairman.




  1. The Central Committee shall have four District Committee representatives. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall hold two of these four seats and shall retain these seats as long as they remain in those Members who are appointed by the Chairman and confirmed by a majority vote of the Central Committee shall hold two seats. These members' terms of office shall coincide with the current term of the Central Committee unless the individual is sooner removed by the Central Committee for inattention to duties, incompetence, or in the event of resignation, death, inability, or refusal to serve.


Article V – Duties of Officers

  1. The Chairman shall be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Central Committee, and shall be responsible for the conduct of JCRCC activities in a manner that will assure the accomplishment of its objectives, subject to the provisions of these Bylaws and the concurrence of the Central The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Central Committee and the Executive Committee, and shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees of the JCRCC. The Chairman, with concurrence of the Central Committee, shall appoint all Committee Chairmen.


  1. The Vice-Chairman shall fill-in for the Chairman when the Chairman cannot act, and shall perform such additional duties as the Chairman or JCRCC shall delegate to the Vice- Chairman. In the event of the resignation of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall call a meeting for the election of a new


  1. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the JCRCC and the Executive Committee, and all other records including a calendar of coming In addition to any Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which the Officers and Committees of the JCRCC may create and maintain, the Secretary shall maintain a master set of SOPs, including but not limited to, how to set-up and take-down an election year headquarters, how to participate in a parade, how to conduct a precinct caucus, how to conduct a county convention, how to host a national figure with Secret Service protection, how to host a state dignitary, how to conduct a Fund Raiser, etc. The Secretary shall perform such additional duties as delegated by the Chairman or JCRCC


  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the funds of the JCRCC, the keeping of appropriate records of receipts and disbursements, and making reports thereon to the Members and to the State of The Treasurer shall keep the JCRCC checkbook and shall only issue checks for expenditures:


The Treasurer shall maintain an inventory of any real property owned by the organization, such as furniture used in election-year headquarters, materials for participating in parades, etc., and shall oversee the safe storage of it between uses. The Treasurer shall perform such additional duties as delegated by the Chairman or JCRCC.


  1. Officers of the JCRCC (other than treasurer) shall serve the JCRCC and shall not take a paid or official position in any candidate’s campaign while an officer. Officers shall remain neutral between candidates in nomination contests until resolved.


Article VI – Committees


  1. The Executive Committee:


  1. The Executive Committee shall conduct regular business for the JCRCC when it is not in session, but must bring any such business to JCRCC for notification at the following meeting of the
  2. The Executive Committee shall not alter any decision of the JCRCC, shall not encroach upon the financial authority of the JCRCC, and shall not directly accept or remove members from
  3. The Executive Committee shall act as a top level coordinating body, as work proceeds in committees and subcommittees. Decisions in each activity regarding proper times to produce requests or reports for JCRCC, and any recommendations to accompany these requests and reports, is part of the overall
  4. Voting members of the Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairmen of Standing Committees, and up to three at-large members chosen by the Chairman from the membership of JCRCC as an appointed The appointment of members and ex-officio members is made by the Chairman, and approved by majority vote of JCRCC.


  1. The Standing Committees will be composed of the following (with subcommittees as needed determined by each committee chairman):


  1. Caucus/Convention Committee:
    • Obtain caucus site locations and temporary chairmen
    • Prepare caucus packets and conduct caucus training
    • Prepare process/materials for electing delegates to county convention
    • Publicity and media coverage for caucus (w/Public Relations Committee)
    • Follow-up Report after Caucus
    • Obtain county convention site location
    • Maintain delegate lists for county convention
    • Delegate contact/convention attendance
    • Issue a Call to Convention to county delegates at least 10 days before convention
    • Develop rules/process for electing delegates to district and state conventions.


  1. Campaign Committee:
    • Obtain campaign office site
    • Headquarters management
    • Early and Absentee ballots
    • Voter registration
    • Recruit, equip, and train poll watchers
    • Distribution of yard signs (w/candidate campaigns)
    • Literature drops (w/candidate campaigns)


  1. Computer Committee:
    • Maintain county registered voter database
    • Social media (e.g. FaceBook and Twitter), email and website development
    • Database development and data analysis
    • Coordination with committees for mailings, voter contact, record keeping of volunteers, and other computer-related needs


  1. Finance Committee:
    • Budget development
    • Annual audit of Central Committee financial records
    • Maintain financial support database (w/Computer Committee)
    • Expand Central Committee donor base


  1. Candidate Recruitment/Support Committee:
    • Develop and implement formula for campaign funding
    • Develop strategy/methods for recruiting viable candidates
    • Assist in financial and organizational support for Republican candidates
    • Liaison between Central Committee and campaigns/candidates
    • Nominate field of candidates for officers, membership, and other positions in Central Committee, as needs


  1. Public Relations/Communications Committee:
    • Provide a consulting service to the Chairman, for development of public relations
    • Media team (editorial, press releases) to publicize and promote Republican activities and events
    • Develop advertising strategy/budget.
    • Build on development of our relationship with Republican organizations and local community organizations


  1. Issues Committee
    • Research and report specific issues as requested by JCRCC or the
    • Prepare and distribute resolutions for proposed action by
    • Compile and prepare a Platform Committee Report at County Conventions


  1. Events Committee Fund Raisers
    • Maintain a master list of venues within Johnson County suitable to hosting various events, including but not limited to, their location, cost of rental, capacity, contact information,
    • Determine list of proposed annual events (w/Chairman)
    • Determine date, time, and place for specific
    • Handle contract and insurance issues for rental facilities
    • Develop a budget for specific
    • Form a committee to plan and organize specific events, and recruit


volunteers for staffing

  • Publicize specific events (w/ Public Relations Committee)



  • Determine annual list of parades
  • Organize floats and other parade exhibits
  • Recruit volunteers to participate in parades, and assist in setup and take- down of parade exhibits
  • Organize consumables for specific parades (water, ice, candy, hand-out fliers)


County Fair

  • Reserve space at Johnson County Fairgrounds
  • Recruit volunteers to staff the booth, and for setup and takedown of the booth.
  • Secure materials to be distributed during the fair (literature, door prizes, trinkets for the kids)
  • Provide comfort for volunteers on a hot summer day (water, ice, circulating fan)


  1. Membership Committee
    • Act as liaison between members and the Chairman
    • Make recommendations to the Chairman for mid-term appointments for new members
    • Make recommendations to the Chairman for members eligible for suspension or removal
    • Prepare written communications to specific members that deal with member issues.


  1. Permanent Sign Committee
    • Maintain and service existing signs
    • Scout for new sign locations
    • Develop system for sign rotation
    • Raise funds specifically for signs
    • Develop annual budget for time and materials
    • Construct/erect new signs


Article VII – Meetings

  1. The Central Committee shall meet on the written call of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman and meetings must be held not less than six times per year. A quorum for the conduct of business shall consist of 15 Central Committee members in attendance. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held as the necessity arises, upon the call of the Chairman or Vice-


  1. Conduct of Meetings:


  1. Meetings will be called to order promptly at the announced start
  2. Meetings will follow the order of business specified in the parliamentary authority unless the Committee adopts another agenda at the beginning of the meeting.
  3. At the discretion of the Chairman, the agenda can be suspended to accommodate other business.
  4. At least 48 hours prior to the start of each meeting the Secretary shall distribute the agenda via email (or other prearranged methods) to each member of the

JCRCC including minutes of previous meetings, and reports from committees for the upcoming meeting.

  1. The Secretary will NOT read the minutes, but will move their adoption, and once seconded, will clarify any
  2. Officer and Chairmen of Committees will provide their reports in writing to the Secretary at least 96 hours in advance of each meeting and will NOT read their reports, give an oral summary, or paraphrase the reports during the They will answer germane questions from the floor and speak in favor of any motions that grow out of the committee report, the motion having been provided to the membership at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.
  3. It is the responsibility of members to JCRCC to familiarize themselves with the pertinent materials prior to each meeting, to bring any questions in a timely fashion to the attention of the relevant Officer or Committee Chairman, and to assist the presiding officer in moving the meeting along in a productive
    8. Members should take care to switch cell phones to VIBRATE or OFF before the start of the meeting, and if they need to take a call, should absent themselves far enough from the meeting space to avoid disruption of the meeting.
  4. 9. Members will be asked to vote by email in between meetings when absolutely necessary. Process shall be: issues brought up with invitation that a motion be made and seconded and a request for discussion within 24 hours of email. Quorum of 15 members to respond.


Article VIII – Auxiliary Organizations

The Central Committee may recognize all auxiliary organizations recognized by the State Central Committee. Each such auxiliary organization recognized shall be coordinated with the Central Committee and should have an official representative at each regular or special Central Committee meeting. Each representative of an auxiliary organization should be prepared to give a report of activities and future plans at regular meetings of the Central Committee.


Article IX – Property, Records, and Personal Responsibi1ity

  1. All records and property purchased or acquired by the Central Committee or any of its employees in connection with the conduct of the affairs of the Committee shall be the property of the Central


  1. Contracts, Checks, Loans, Deposits
    1. The Central Committee may authorize the Chairman, Treasurer, Committee Chairman, or other designee of the Committee to enter into any contract or execute and deliver an instrument in the name of, or on behalf of said Committee.
    2. No loans shall be contracted on behalf of the Central Committee and no evidence of indebtedness shall be issued in its name unless authorized by a


resolution of the Central Committee.

  1. Checks, drafts, Etc.,

All checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of money, or other evidence of indebtedness issued in the name of the Central Committee shall be signed by the Treasurer of the Committee or the Treasurer's designee and in such manner as may be determined by a resolution of the Central Committee.

  1. All funds under the control of the Central Committee shall be deposited to the credit of said Committee in such banks, trust companies, savings and loan institutions, or other depositories as the Committee may select. All funds of the Central Committee shall be segregated from any personal funds of the officers, members, or associates of the Central Committee.


  1. No member of the Central Committee shall be liable personally for any obligations of the Central Committee, except that each individual is responsible personally for the prompt transmittal of funds collected by him or her to the Treasurer, and for the accurate accounting as to funds and property in his or her custody on behalf of the Committee. In addition, each Officer, Committee Chairman, or other designee of the Committee shall assume personal liability for any contracts or instruments entered into in the name of, or on behalf of the Central Committee if said contract is not within the scope of their authority in their respective


Article X – Parliamentary Procedure

Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall prevail at all meetings of the Committee except as shall be altered by the Code of Iowa, the Republican Party Constitution, or by this document.


Article XI – Amendments

The Central Committee at any regular meeting may amend this document when notice of a proposal to so amend is included in the call for such regular meeting, with no less than ten days or more than sixty days prior notice. A notice to so amend must be included in such call upon the recommendation of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, or upon petition of ten members of the Central Committee presented to the Chairman at least one week prior to the issuance of the call for such a meeting. Such amendments shall be made available to the Central Committee members prior to the meeting and will require approval from two-thirds of attending members by secret ballot.


Article XII – Conflicts with Statutes

No provisions herein shall supersede or abrogate any of the provisions of the statutes of the State of Iowa, or of the Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa.


Article XIII – Adoption of Bylaws

These bylaws were adopted at a meeting of the Johnson County Central Committee on November 3, 2013, at Iowa City, Iowa, and were filed with the county and state commissioners of election on the 19th day of March, 2014.

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