Issues Committee of Johnson County

About the Issues Committee

The Issues Committee of the Johnson County Republicans has raised a number of issues of public interest and importance.


We were the first entity in the state to address Critical Race Theory and how it impacted a dental student at the University of Iowa, resulting in the passage of two robust state laws assuring freedom of expression at educational establishments (HF744), and  banning indoctrination within schools, universities and state agencies of the precepts of critical race theory (HF802).


We have also raised questions concerning Iowa City City Council’s Ad Hoc Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and its “Land Acknowledgment” with the mayor.


Below are a number of other current issues, which we will pursue in several venues including contributing them to the state and party Platform Committees


1.  Recycling

Whereas recycling costs the citizens of Iowa City $1.2 million annually,

Whereas a substantial proportion of items collected for recycling are merely thrown into landfills

We call on Iowa City Council to systematically evaluate the societal benefit and costs of recycling each class of discarded product.


2.    Voter Integrity

Whereas voter rolls include entries for persons who have moved out of the listed precincts.

We call on the IRS, SSA and the USPO to notify county Auditors of all changes of address requests or deaths of a voters they receive from county residents.

Whereas absentee ballots delivered to County Auditors may have inadequate proof that they were signed by a valid voter.

We call on the Legislature to require a fingerprint of the voter to be placed on absentee requests and ballot affidavits.


3.    Pharmacy Labeling

Whereas pharmacists dispense drugs in containers with labels that are often hard to read.

We suggest that no text concerning the name of the drug or instructions for taking it should be printed in less than 12-point regular Ariel font.


4.    Building inspectors

Whereas unregistered housing inspectors may be hired by individuals who expect their work to be reliable, 

We urge that housing inspectors be required to licensed and bonded.


5.    Reduce time for “prior approval”

Whereas health insurance companies are unduly delaying care by requiring prior approval as a condition for reimbursement.

Whereas delays in prior approval negatively impact the cost and efficiency of medical care

Whereas delays in prior approval increase profits made by insurance companies

Whereas a competent reviewer can complete a prior approval review in less time than a physician is scheduled to perform an office visit

We demand that prior approval be completed within twenty minutes of a submission for approval.


6.    Clarity in government spending

Whereas the Constitution requires expenditures of all public money shall be published “from time to time”.

We demand that every Federal, State and local appropriations bill be associated with a web page that lists in real time every expenditure of funds 

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